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Date:August 2017

Focus on Fiber

Are you getting enough fiber? If so, you are in the minority as several studies have indicated that as many as 86% of Americans do not include enough fiber in their diets. The American Dietetic Association's has stated that when populations consume more dietary fiber, their chronic disease levels are lower. They recommend consumption of 14 grams of dietary fiber per 1,000 calories, or 25 grams per day for adult women and 38 grams per day for adult men. Unfortunately, the average daily intake of dietary fiber in the United States is only 14 grams per day.

Working and Weighing

If you're frustrated by working out everyday but not losing any weight, you're not alone. Many people experience this, and a new study may be of interest to you.

Incline Walking

Looking for a workout that will let you burn the maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time? Treadmill walking or walking up an incline might be the solution.

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