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Tips for Controlling Sugar Levels

Help for controlling sugar levels may be as close as the nearest spice rack! A recent study finds that cinnamon may help Type 2 diabetics improve their ability to stabilize blood sugar! Researchers found that cinnamon helps fat cells recognize and respond to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that removes excess sugar from the blood. In fact, cinnamon appears to increase the metabolism of glucose by a factor of 20! Other reports show that a compound in cinnamon makes fat cells more responsive to insulin! It does this by activating the enzyme that causes insulin to bind to cells. Is it time to cut down your sugar intake? Sprinkle plenty of cinnamon on your oatmeal, your cereal, even in your coffee! Not only is it delicious -- it can help stabilize your blood sugar. How sweet it is!

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Cooking Your Veggies

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